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Level 3+

Book 1 : 

Jean is a typical teenager who spends his time playing video games. One day his entire world changes when he and his mother are summoned to Chambord Castle in Central France. Upon their arrival, they find out that Jean has inherited not only the enormous castle but the whole of the famous Chambord Chocolate Company from his grandfather. But an adventure awaits as Jean reads the mysterious letter his grandfather left him, he finds himself on a quest to save his family's company from ruin. With the help of his grandfather's clues, Jean will try to complete the quest in order to gain access to his new fortune, but what secrets will he stumble upon along the way?


Level 3+

Book 2: 

Jean is still stunned at the Chambord castle where he recently stumbled upon an inheritance like no other. From the moment he stepped into the castle, Jean was intrigued. He learned that his grandfather was part of one of the most famous chocolate companies in France and now Jean is determined to find out how he can solve the mystery of the missing Chambord Chocolate recipe. Will the small clues that his grandfather left behind help Jean to solve the mystery of the missing recipe? Or will Jean discover other secrets his family has had hidden? Jean sets out to learn more about this missing recipe and the mysterious map he discovers along the way. Will he uncover the truth? And what will he learn about his grandfather?

Le Château de Chambord (Book 1 & 2) - French Readers

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    average rating is 3 out of 5

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    Great series - Intro to Paris

    Looking for a way to introduce your students to Paris via a story? Like cute little rodents? Novice students need lots of input and repetition and a glossary to help them out? Look no further. There's definitely a bit of repetitiveness in these books but the storyline and curiosity about what happens to Rhumus keeps you reading. The author is very capable and has come up with yet another creative storyline that gets students reading. I particularly liked the 2nd book which had me hooked in wanting to know how the building frustration of the rats would resolve. You won't want to miss adding these titles to your classroom library!

    I recommend this product.



    Arizona, USA

    average rating is 3 out of 5